Dirtbag Journalism

Letter From A Dirtbag Editor # 3

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2009 at 5:31 PM

For those who’ve been visiting Johnny B in the last few days; I apologize if you’ve been bored with what’s up right now. I have a few new things that will be going up this week. I had a chance to talk to Anni yesterday. Anni is one of the lovely young ladies that runs Ladyfest and she’s said she would love to do an interview. Expect to see that on Johnny B soon.  This week has been a pretty good week aside from Johnny B. I’m kind of getting an idea for what my record is going to sound like and I’m slowly getting a few songs in the bag. If all goes according to schedule, I’ll be able to start working with a few good friends on some other ideas I have for the record. My new obsession over the last few weeks has been old soap operas. I spent three hours watching old episodes of Sunset Beach and Generations. It was fucking stupid because I was up until 4a.m and I got nothing done. But sometimes you gotta do it right ? Anyways, I’m off for now.

P.S Johnny B loves random submissions. If your gay, kind of gay, friends with a gay….I don’t care. As long as you dig what’s going and want to contribute; I’m cool with seeing what you got. I’ll leave you with a classic catfight from Generations. It’s pretty funny


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