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Junior Boys – Bits and Pieces

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When I first heard about House of Munroe, I was not ready for the hotness. In this new video for Junior Boys single, Bits and Pieces, the boys take the heat up a few more notches. Their outfits were done by the very talented Mary Messhausen and the makeup was done by my favorite diva Margot Keith. Watch it!!!!


Annie – Songs Remind Me Of You

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Annie is back and ready to kick things off where her last record, Anniemal left off. This is the unreleased video for her new single, Songs Remind Me Of You.

Selawn Brunch : Freaky Dinning With Brad Tinmouth

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Brad Tinmouth is one of the first people I met when I moved to Toronto. His new project Selawn Brunch is him acting out a bunch of different fetishes on camera. Brad has always suprised me with the stuff he comes up with and this project is no different. In our interview, Brad and I discussed how some of his early works have influenced this project and the type of crazy shit he encounters online.

1. When you did the “Cupping” video earlier this year, do you think that’s when you first became curious about doing more videos that were a bit more sexual or had that undertone ?

Yes, (cupping) (http://bradtinmouth.com/cupping.html) was a performative experiment to test the viewer’s response based on the use of my sexuality. This was before I had started to investigate the fetish community and was more spurred on by Jeremy Bailey’s Strongest Man video (http://www.jeremybailey.net/strongestman.html) and how it had gone viral within the fetish world.

2. How did you come up with the concept for Selawn Brunch ?

I found the YouTube fetish community about a year and a bit ago and it instantly captured my attention. It seemed to contain the elements of the traditional fetish community: the masks, leather, latex, bondage, etc. But there was something different. The aesthetics are what first pulled me in, but what intrigued me the most about this community was the self imposed system in which they perform. YouTube is pretty strict in terms of pulling down video for infringing its terms of use, I have had videos pulled down in a matter of minutes after posting them. I was interested in why This community chose YoutTube instead of a site where they could show nudity or more explicit play.

3. The fetish world is pretty huge. What drew you to Smoking and Balloon play ?

The fetish world is huge, but its also expensive. Smoking and balloon play were a good introduction to begin a dialogue, and they seemed to spark a strong response. Also aesthetically, which is a big element of this project ; balloons, bags on heads, and cigarettes are quite beautiful to me. I would really like to explore making videos with liquid latex, latex clothing, leather and vacuum beds. I guess I really like dark and shiny.

4. Based on the little knowledge you have on the fetish world, what do you think draws people to these fetishes ?

I have been doing some research to learn more about creating these videos and the audience for whom I am creating them. Almost everything, it seems, comes down to being either a sub or a dom. I don’t really know the spread of my audience but I would love to find out. They should work that into the YouTube analytics charts.

5. How do you feel about the fact that gay men are getting off to you performing these fantasies ?

I thought it was mostly 18-25 year old women!? According to the YouTube demographics, its mostly American men in their 30’s to 50’s. I have no problem with this at all, I am creating these videos as an art project to be viewed by everyone. It is sexual work presented in a specific context. What comes of it comes of it.

6. Have you ever gotten any weird request ?

Yes, of course, it’s the internet. Mostly its people asking to chat on web cam so we can pop balloons together, or requests to blow balloons till they pop, but I did have a request to send the garbage bag used in breath play to someone. Someone also asked me to use a gas mask filled with nitrous or poppers. I feel that that would be a little much. I am working on most of the request sent in, so I will be busy for a while.

7. Are you least bit turned on when performing these fantasies ?

These are not my fantasies; I am performing actions for others, mimicking what people have done in the context of YouTube as an artistic pursuit. The videos are fun to make but are more about me performing for the audience then for myself.

8. Is their any fetishes you won’t act out ?

I don’t specifically have a list, but this project is to remain within the YouTube code of conduct and that limits the fetishes I am able to perform. Mostly my limit is resources.

9. What’s the future of this project ? What are fetishes are thinking of doing ?

The future consists of making more videos and a transition to a live performance. I am planning on doing a live performance with collaborator Lili Huston-Herterich, but we need a vacuum bed. Also I have been making videos with artists who come over to my place. There are two videos with Jack from Salem up on the site, collaborations with Kaitlin Till-Landry and Lili Huston-Herterich and two new videos with Jennifer Chan.

10. What other projects are working on ?

We (Lili, Kaitlin and I) just opened up Butcher Gallery (http://butchergallery.com), a small alternative presentation space for showing hyper contemporary emerging artists. Our first show On You On Me is coming to a close and we are lining up some of the next shows. We are looking for proposals from curators and artists that fit our mandate, information is available online.


Porn Club # 1 : Homopunx

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Directed by : Raige Jorg Andreas

Produced by : Cazzo Films(They’ve worked with Bruce La Bruce in the past)

Location : Berlin


-Great lighting/scenery

-The  music is fucking hilarious

-Amazing asses

-Best scene : The final sex scene where a naked food fight turns into an orgy.

-Hottest guy : The Frenchmen


Guys With Iphones(The official Porn Club introduction)

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Since Jake left for Korea before Porn officially took off, we promised that at our first meeting we’d discuss his fave guilty pleasure, www.guyswithiphones.com . They’re so many random jock fags, gym queens, and pubeless 20 year olds, it’s insane. Jordaan and I couldn’t really agree on any of the guys on there, but we did have a few points we wanted to bring to the table. It’s funny because just like dudesnude, you’d be shocked the amount of local fags you’ll find on here. It’s a pretty good site, it definitely has it’s good things about it and I like the variety of guys. The douhebag level is at an all time high, but there will be a few gems if you look hard enough. Jordaan and I were on the fence about most of the guys on here, but we did have a few points we wanted to bring to the table.

1. Men who shave ALL their pubic hair : Seriously dudes, what the fuck ? A little trim will suffice. There is nothing more unattractive than a dude that’s  baby smooth from the waist down.

2. Using your iphone as a ruler for your cock : Not hot, at all. Nobody cares how big it is in comparison to your phone.

3. Guys who take photo’s of themselves with semen all over them : Honestly, I don’t even wanna go there. I just think somethings are better when there not photographed.

4. Stupid hair : Jordaan didn’t like a lot of hair on the site and i have to agree. Step it up gents, step it up!!

Our rating for Guys With Iphone :

Decent jackoff material : 4/10

Hot guys : 5/10

Butt shots : 7/10

Cocks : 7.5/10

You know, it’s whatever. I’ll show some of the best and worst we found on the site


3.5/10(I was trying to justify that this guy was hot, but I know better hahaha)

6/10 Ok friends, so we want to let you in on a little secret, “fuck me” underwear is not cute. If not for this butt, I wouldn’t even rate this one.

2/10 Ummm…no. That’s all I have to say

12/10 I’m not down with the dick measuring, but I’m willing to make an exception.

8/10 I like the outfit

More porn club coming up


Johnny B