Dirtbag Journalism


Johnny B is a magazine I started because I wanted to make a magazine with queer content that I actually thought would be intresting to read. The content is pretty broad, but mostly music, politics, art, sex, ect. I’ll answer a few questions I get often

Q. How often is this magazine updated

A. As of October 13th, as often as possible. I should have something new up every week.

Q. Why is the magazine called Johnny B

A. Some babe on the Real World’s nickname was Johnny Banana’s, so I decided to roll with it

Q. How I contribute/write for Johnny B

A. Send all your lovely words and naked photos(kidding) to dirtbag_journalist087@hotmail.com. I’m always looking for people to help make this more awesome.

Q. What kind of queers would find Johnny B entertaining/fun to check out

A. To be honest, I’m trying to make it fun for everyone, but a lot of the content really depends on myself and my contributors

If you can think of anything else for me to answer give me a shout. Peace and Love

  1. hey max can I edit your pages for you? I’m a superior editor and I like the concept of it and would love to do it for you!

  2. hey loving the magazine so far!
    check out my food blog and tell me what you think:


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